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Bug#57117: Structure of Release is Confusing

Ross Boylan <RossBoylan@stanfordalumni.org> writes:

> I do think that in the current structure it is hard to figure out where to
> start and what to get, and that the addition of more flavors is likely to
> complicate things further.  I have no particular opinion on the merits of
> the alternative proposal vs the current setup, or about closing the bug.
> I would like to toss in another suggestion, however: why not use links so
> that the various flavors all have a complete set of files?
> So the top level directory would consist ONLY of a readme and directories.
> The readme would outline how to choose which directory (flavor) was
> appropriate for you.

This sounds very much like the readme which is already there...

Could you read that and suggest changes?

I'm not opposed to what you suggest, however, you have to think less
x86-centricly and more broadly.  For the most part, users are
selecting between subarches, and sometimes, within that, flavors.
Fragmentary suggestions based on only one architecture is not going to

Again, the README (from README-Users.m4, generate it from source with
'make release/README') talks about all this.

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