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/etc/apt/sorces.list and balancing server

Current default install always point its apt to

This is sure call for overloading this server.  

I wonder, with minor change in installation scripts, if this
address gets randomized so server loading gets even across

I think alternative scenario is followings.

1.  First ask operator for the site apt uses.
2.  Unless specific location, such as operator's local mirror, is specified,
    go to the http://http.us.debian.org/debian and fetch latest mirror listing.
3.  Ask operator for region (North America, Europa, Asia,... or even more
    fine grained subdivision).
4.  Set up /etc/apt/source.list by giving random one which match above info.

Also if format of source.list can be changed, adding weighting function
field like MX record in DNS record may be interesting.  This allows 
dynamically randomize server access while confirming accessibility of it.

Another idea is ping each server and select it by time.

In order to implement this, properly maintained mirror list needs to be
maintained but it may be worth doing so.

Sorry not be able to submit source for above procedure.
Just a wish list.

Osamu Aoki

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