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Re: Status of Potato?

>I had all sorts of problems when trying a custom kernel with the compact
>images on some hardware at work.  I held off reporting the problems when I
>heard 2.2.6 was coming out, but maybe I should report them anyway. 


>1. keyboard couldn't be configured, I beleve there was a problem writing
>to /tmp.

Are you sure you didn't just get a message about writing to temp?  Are
you sure that the keyboard really didn't get configured properly,
despite what is I suspect just a spurious error msg?

>2. the driver install failed, probably because I was using a different
>kernel, the screen never said why.

Oh foo!  Did you check /var/log/messages? 

Use the 'debug' flag when debugging, and look in tty3 or
/var/log/message (same thing, more or less).

>3. dhcp failed, didn't give a reason.  I manually configured the network
>card and was able to ping from another machine.

Yes, known bug, I think.

>4. netfetch failed, perhaps the network never was properly configured.  I
>stoped here with a lack of floppies.

Ugh.  Please try to track down more.  Need more info.  Such as
ifconfig output and what steps you did to do netconfiguration, etc.

>I think it all is caused by my custom kernel.  It was built using the same
>config file I posted a while back.  I feel that I'm lacking some required
>options and the documentation on building a custom kernel may be out of
>date (the readme on the rescue disk). 

Yes, the doc is definately out of date, but it's not the first

> Hopefully tonight I can try a generic install at home which rarely
>gives me problems.  If things are hurried, I have a spare harddrive
>for my laptop that I can give a try on, but a co-worker will want to
>use that in a few days. 

I know there are several problems with the compact flavor.  Either the
'compact' option is not being set, or dbootstrap is not looking at
that option correctly.  Known bug in 2.2.5.

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