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Re: Install problems: Potato / boot disks 2.2.5

Obviously, we can't support mix-and-match slink / potato
installations.  At this point, the sole concern of this group is the
potato boot-floppies.

I would appreciate, Terry, if we could focus on the install problems
in onto your system in the pure potato world.  You say:

> The cd boots up fine (built it today, with the stock boot-floppies
> 2.2.5), both raid volumes are found and install works fine through
> formatting and activating of the swap partition... However, as soon
> as it mounts the raid filesystems (/ and /usr), a whole slew of e2fs
> errors appear on the screen (not sure the exact error, it was
> something about the inode-bitmap and wrong free block count).

I have absolutely no idea what this is -- any clues, anyone?

> I can continue with the install but when it copies files to the hard
> drive I get more of those errors (It gets into a loop asking me to
> configure device drivers .. just keeps asking even after I install
> the nic drivers).

This sounds like unrelated problems in modconf to me.  I hope these
are fixed in the new modconf.  We'll be burning a new boot-floppies
2.2.6 with this problem I hope fixed.

However, for your report to be more effective, I really do need more
explicit information regarding at exactly what stage the errors were
emitted, and what the error messages exactly were.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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