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Re: Report on 2.2.5 boot-floppies


Thanks for the report. Many of these problems were reported already, and we
are working on them.

> Error message of the week:
> Do you want to make the VGA16 X server the default? (y/n) [y] n
> 'n' not understood.  Using default of 'y'.

When do you see this message? (between which steps)

> Attempt 1: Install boot and base from DOS partition on HD. Kernel
> installs OK, but system hangs when trying to install base. Can switch
> consoles but pressing return does not activate shell. Last messages:
> kern.info cdrom: open failed       (and yet I didn't mention the CDROM
> at all)
> kern.debug VFS Disk change detected on device ide1(22,0)
> Rebooted and tried again.

What kind of hardware do you have on the machine? is this an IDE only
system? Does it have any "special" devices?

The fact that you had so many "hangs" while installing makes me think the
kernel is acting funny on your system. Can you try the other (vanilla)
flavor of the boot floppies and let us know how that goes?

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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