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Re: bf-2.2.5 of today: modconf still `broken'

>>>>> "Randolph" == Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> writes:

    >> I looked, and found that the modification I made to modconf was
    >> not in the version in this set.  Ok, no problem; I used `ae' to
    >> edit it, just for testing, and changed:

    Randolph> yes, the new modconf didn't make it into 2.2.5. Will be
    Randolph> fixed for 2.2.6.

 Alright; no hurry; the patch I made does NOT fix the problem for some
 reason.  I have not looked modconf over much; there's a `ttydev'
 variable at the top, and I had assumed that setting that to
 `/dev/tty1' would fix the problem, but it doesn't.  The script is
 fairly complex and will take more than a few minutes to fully

    >> I'll have to push this on the ToDo list (will someone with CVS
    >> writes please do that?) and get on with other things.

    Randolph> actually, please file a bug against modconf. modconf is
    Randolph> not in bf cvs.

 Ok...  I just checked, and it's already been reported:

   Debian Bug report logs - #56317
   problems with console windows

   Reported by: okul <okul@trenet.ee> Thu, 27 Jan 2000 06:35:20 GMT

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