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Re: boot-floppies and potato cd in harmony?

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> I've just uploaded boot-floppies 2.2.5.  You can look / download the
> materials as they will eventually propogate to potato at
> <URL:http://lully.debian.org/~aph/bf-2.2.5-i386/>

I've just grabbed it, not yet tested. (Don't even know if I'm going to test it
at all...)

Few comments:

- Old Rawrite 1 not there any more? Yet "I'm not 100% postive that it will
  work" in the .txt.

- no disks-<size>/<flavor>/README for every flavor (i.e. "compact")

- For really micro-minimal size, you could hardlink the corresponding
  disks-<size>/<flavor>/README's (maybe you do this already, can't see)

- disks-2.88 should have a file that explains why there are no base disks
  (and that you have to use 1.44 for that). Likewise for all the <flavors>
  that offer only "replacements" for the "un-flavored" version.

- Overall README should point specificly to doc/install.en.html and .txt
  (i.e. no too-general thing like "look in doc/", but tell exactly in
  which file to look. The naming is not obvious to non-Linuxers)

- install.en.pdf is pretty long. It would be very nice to see a
  "small print" version, as in "mpage -2" to save some paper

- compact/install.bat is incorrect in that it can't be started from compact/

  Anne Bezemer

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