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Re: boot-floppies and potato cd in harmony?

Some more notes. And one B-I-G problem at the end...
(I won't file any bugs, do it yourself if necessary)

- Where are low-mem disks? Or are they no longer needed? It is mentioned
  in the F2 help screen, and in install.en.txt

- In F5, it's .090x300.07, and F6,F7 only 0x300 and misses a `,'

- F7 screen is one line too long

- F8 causes "boot:" to be re-printed. It might be nice to provide a
  blank screen or so.

- The last 1/4 of the rescue image(s) are all 0's (maybe of more disks).
  It would save quite some time if the images were truncated (like
  the last base and drivers disks)
  (Hmmm.. you even _extended_ the root.bin)

- doc/dselect-beginner.en.txt doesn't mention anything about apt-cdrom.

- doc/install.en.txt: under `Copyright Notice': "This document may..." and
  "This manual is...": twice the same

- also: sometimes ```section name''' in stead of `section name'

- also: "Phoenix BIOS": Ctrl-Alt-Esc/S _during POST_ ?

- also: Sect. 4.2: Do we still have "profiles" as mentioned there?
  (no, I didn't yet try it ;-)

- also: "first XT disk": is XT disk support compiled in, or just a module?
  (in the latter case, you probably shouldn't mention XT disks at all)

- also: Sect. 4.4: A separate /var partition is also a good idea, to
  prevent /var/log stuff to overflow the root partition. Maybe also
  mention /var/tmp that can be symlinked to /tmp.
  And: swap < 128MB: is this still true for 2.2.* kernels? Well, it
  even says this itself!

- also: Sect. 4.7: Maybe mention Partition Magic, Partition!It or the
  freeware Ranish partition manager
  (http://www.users.intercom.com/~ranish/part) + URLs because people will
  otherwise spend "hours" searching...

- also: Sect. 7.15: You can't (automagically) make Debian bootable when
  it is not installed on the first harddisk.

- also: Sect. 7.20: You should always use shadow passwords, unless you
  have a specific need not to.

- also: Sect. 7.22 (and maybe elsewhere): Does the "installed-size" of the
  profiles include the base system (it should)?

- also: Sect. 8.4, 8.5: "The Linux 2.2 kernel is not fully supported by
  Debian 2.2." Now what?!

- also: Sect. 8 general: you should probably mention debian-manual (wasn't
  it called that?)

- What's the "Start New System" option in dbootstrap? (No, I haven't tried

(I've been using the disks from disks-1.44/)

- When I try to "mount /dev/hda6 /mnt" I get
ioctl: LOOP_CLR_FD: Input/output error
ioctl: LOOP_CLR_FD: Input/output error

  yet it's mounted all right (Note: this is an msdos filesystem)

- I made a 50MB zero-filled file `loopimg.1' and tried
  "mke2fs loopimg.1". Fails with:
mke2fs: error in loading shared libraries: /lib/libext2fs.so.2: symbol
__divdi3, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time

So I can't make a loop fs and I can't do a test install. Really too bad.

(mkswap on the file was fine.)

  Anne Bezemer

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