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Re: progress report on debian/powerpc/apus boot-floppies.


> Anyway, i noticed that baseconfig.c is bad, the Arch2 should read Amiga, not
> APUS, that is way amiga-fdisk is not called. What is the meaning of the
> NAME_ISEXE ? should it not be better to check if fdisk is working ok, before
> trying to call cfdisk ? Or at least have some kind of variable telling that on
> yhis arch/subarch you have to use fdisk ?

you ask to many (stupid) questions. I've set the APUS string overall, because
i didn't know it better. But you _know_ it, so please change it at the
detection places.  

> > Ok... so really the problem is that the root disk for apus (it doees
> > have its own rootdisk, right) should *not* have /sbin/cfdisk.  You'll

Then remove it for apus, but let it in for the other subarchs.

> I think it would be nice if only one rootdisk is needed for both apus and
> pmac, not sure if it is possible.

Try it, doit, make it, ...

> > have to hack roodisk.sh, say line 525, and if we're making an apus
> > rootdisk, then remove $R/sbin/cfdisk.

Yes, yes, yes

> Ok will look at it.

No, doit.

> After potato is released, it would be nice to have a more central
> configuration scheme, lets say a config directory, where you will be able to
> provide a config file per arch/subarch, and not this hacking in thousands of
> files. Maybe i will have a look at it after potato is released.

Send a patch to the boot-floppies mailinglist, and if we all agree, check it in.

> diff -ur boot-floppies.orig/Makefile boot-floppies/Makefile
> --- boot-floppies.orig/Makefile	Wed Jan 26 00:59:21 2000
> +++ boot-floppies/Makefile	Wed Jan 26 18:22:37 2000
> @@ -301,7 +301,7 @@
>  	$(MAKE) resc1440mvme16x.bin drv1440mvme16x.bin
>  else 
>  ifeq ($(architecture), powerpc)
> -#	$(MAKE) resc1440apus.bin driversapus.tgz
> +	$(MAKE) resc1440apus.bin driversapus.tgz

Is apus now fully working? No, so leave it with the '#'.



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