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Bug#56197: boot disk experiences

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.4

This is a series of experiences using the boot-floppies.
I hope they are helpful to you.  Most problems weren't
easily reproduceable.  I'm fighting the clock to get
this system installed, so I can't really reproduce any 

Cardmgr appears to:

a) recognize my 3c563d pcmcia card as a memory card, 
thereby not treating it as a network card.  This is
not terribly surprising, these newfangled combo cards
have often given me trouble.
b) then complain that 'expr' is not found, since it's 
referenced in the pcmcia/memory script (and perhaps
elsewhere, the grep tool isn't functional enough to
tell me which files call "expr".
c) then segmentation fault -- it reports the segmentation 
fault, but doesn't abort.

The box is a toshiba tecra 8000, if it matters.

network start eth0, when run manually (which probably
shouldn't work anyway, since cardmgr doesn't deal well)
complains that there is no /var/lib/pcmcia-scheme file

it would be nice to have cardctl in the distribution
somewhere for debugging puposes.

it would also be nice to have a dhcpcd in there too.

during some restart, cardmgr didn't appear to be in /sbin,
though I'm not sure what happened.

I ran cardmgr from /target/sbin, then it worked correctly, 
found my pcmcia card correctly, and I'm able to download 
the distribution correctly.  

I had some difficulty getting name resolution to work from
inside the installation script.  'ping http.us.debian.org'
worked fine, but I got errors on name resolution inside
the installation script.

At some point that went away, but I haven't been able to
complete a download from the main distribution sites.
by netfetch.  I'm on a local ethernet at the university
of washington, this is probably not a connectivity problem
on my end.

I ended up downloading to an intermediate machine first.

pcmcia was not started on first boot, so I had to
/etc/init.d/pcmcia start manually, then ifconfig eth0
manually, before being able to update in dselect.
hope it helps; I know most things are vague.


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