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Re: [busybox] Any reason not to commit after a run of `indent'?

On Tue Jan 25, 2000 at 09:48:31AM -0800, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  I'd really like to run `indent -gnu -br' on this code.  Can we commit
>  that to CVS?  It would make it look a lot nicer.  Perhaps CVS could
>  be configured to run it upon check-in?

I've been using 'indent -kr', as that suits my personal style
fairly well.  I don't like the gnu spacing...

>  Is this `busybox' a fork of the `busybox' I found at Bruce Perens
>  site?  Are there two forks?

Bruce stopped developing/maintaining busybox a while back.
After a period of being forked in several directions, while
Bruce was otherwise occupied with his work, I adopted it.

Think of it not as a fork, but as the active development 
tree.  The current webpage for busybox is maintained by 
me at 

I keep the CVS source tree in sync with my local busybox tree
(except for tailoring the busybox.defs.h file to the needs of
the boot floppies).


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                   email:  andersee@debian.org
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