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Re: state of boot floppies

Randolph Chung wrote:
> 3. BenC was cleaning up dbootstrap a bit and seem to have fixed a net-fetch 
>    bug that was causing downloads to hang. I have one report so far that it 
>    works ok. 

Worked for me as well, 3 out of 3 tries.

> 7. base-config : i've tried adding base-config support to boot floppies. Right
>    now this is done by running dpkg-reconfigure base-config in
>    /root/.bash_profile. It seems to work. This is not yet committed -- joeyh
>    has some ideas on how he wants to run it through inittab directly. I'll
>    let him experiment with it :-)

This is done. Make sure you build the boot floppies with base-config 0.13
available (unless you like having an empty root password!). I've also ripped
out all the old stuff it replaces.

I now need translations for debian/templates in the base-config package.

Also, the new base-config stuff will need to be tested by someone installing
on a serial console to make sure I haven't messed that up. It'd be good if
someone could also test it with a ppp install, I haven't excercized that
code path at all.

> 8. modconf seems to work with dbootstrap now and has lots of descriptions. 
>   I've heard it still has some problems and will try to track it down 
>   (#55404 and some that were reported to me privately)

Twice now I have selected the tulip driver in modconf, seen it load ok, used
it to grab base, and not had it appear in /etc/modules on reboot.

see shy jo

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