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Re: progress report on debian/powerpc/apus boot-floppies.

On Sat, Jan 22, 2000 at 12:35:23AM +0000, Ken Tyler wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> > Hello, ...
> > pb2 : i tried including amiga-fdisk, but it depends on libncurses4 and
> > libreadlineg2, thus not being included. Will try to build a static
> > amiga-fdisk, or a version that don't depend on these libraries. What do the
> > m68k/amiga folk do about this ?
> The 'not debian' APUS folk use a static afdisk. 

Yes, i guess so. I will try to build one. didn't have the source apckage this
week end. my question was if they use the debian package (and i have to build
the amiga-fdisk package staticly, or if they use a special package for the
boot floppies.

> > pb3 : When i call partition the harddisk, cfdisk is called, and not
> > amiga-fdisk, like it should be. cfdisk don't know anything about amiga
> > partitioned harddisks. There is a minor problem also on
> > scripts/rootdisk/fdisk-powerpc which becomes /sbin/fdisk, but even fixing this
> > don't seem to influence the "partition the harddisk" menu option. Strange
> > since a manual call to fdisk finds the correct amiga-fdisk (or don't find it).
> > There is something i don't understand here, what is libfdisk for in the
> > busybox, i can read the partition correctly (with the menu option view the
> > partition table) but not set it. If the busybox has a working fdisk, why is
> > fdisk included in the boot floppies ?
> Can't help you much but libfdisk can read and write partition type blocks,
> Mac, BSD, SUN etc.  Lot of it is devoted to handling the DOS extended
> partition scheme.
> But it can only read Amiga RDB type partitions, the RDB write is not
> implemented (at least not in version I have been using).

Ok, thanks for the information.

> In the RedHat based installers, for partitioing you get a choice of
> (a)fdisk or a newt based installer that uses libfdisk for read write.
> The newt method is not available to Amiga because of the lack of RDB
> write.

Guessed so.




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