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Re: state of boot floppies

On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 12:53:33AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > 1. PCMCIA support is broken. drow said he might help take a look.
> I've heard tell it works. 

PCMCIA network setup... doesn't.

Example: Suppose you have eth0 on a pcmcia card.  Setting up the
standard /etc/init.d/network or whatever it is now is useless!

And you can not load pcmcia DURING the install without a great amount
of luck (missing chroots somewhere - it fails to look in
/target/lib/modules for them, and they aren't in /lib/modules). 
cardmgr should probably be chrooted.  Thus no net installs over pcmcia
work at present.

> >    For now, you can use the debs at
> >    http://lully.debian.org/~tausq/unofficial-debs/. Because of
> >    modversions, the pcmcia modules must match the kernel-image you
> >    are using.  This actually brings up a related issue, in that it
> >    is difficult for users to add their own driver modules if they
> >    need them.
> That's what pcmcia-source is for, and kernel-package (modules-image
> rule), no?

What about drivers that come built separately?  I'd kill for a way to
unpack a specified tarball or install a specified .deb to /target from


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