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Re: state of boot floppies

Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> writes:

> yes, but this is not trivial to do at all. the whole  kernel-package deal is
> rather fragile.

Is it?  I find the kernel-source-2.2.x pacakges to be a bit too thin
(relying on proper stuff in /etc) which IMHO is an RC bug against
those kernel-source pkgs.  

What else are you talking about?  Is anyone working on it?  Robust
kernel-source and build cycle is in our interest to have...

> although, as someone pointed out to me, the current dac960/cpqarray drivers
> are built as modules and as such won't allow you to use those devices as
> install targets. (you can't load drivers until you have formatted and
> mounted a / partition...)

Argh.  Is this so for compact as well as the stock images?

Only initrd would help here (out of the question for potato, of
course), or else having a small IDE or some such root and then mount
/usr given the module.

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