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Re: state of boot floppies

> The pkg  to file the bug against  is pcmcia-modules-2.2.14 (substitute
> kernel version there).  The maintainer is Brian Mays <brian@debian.org>.

well, kernel-image-2.2.14 is still sitting in incoming as well....

> >    For now, you can use the debs at
> >    http://lully.debian.org/~tausq/unofficial-debs/. Because of
> >    modversions, the pcmcia modules must match the kernel-image you
> >    are using.  This actually brings up a related issue, in that it
> >    is difficult for users to add their own driver modules if they
> >    need them.
> That's what pcmcia-source is for, and kernel-package (modules-image
> rule), no?

yes, but this is not trivial to do at all. the whole  kernel-package deal is
rather fragile.

> This isn't so... I only make it remove *some* of the device entries.
> I believe we support a single dac960, drives 1-3 or some such.

yup, i stand corrected.

although, as someone pointed out to me, the current dac960/cpqarray drivers
are built as modules and as such won't allow you to use those devices as
install targets. (you can't load drivers until you have formatted and
mounted a / partition...)

> Cool.  The kernel images are all uploaded, and either in Incoming or
> else in the potato archive, right?

kernel-image is, pcmcia is not.

> Excellent.  FYI, I'd rather do it via .bash_profile than inittab.
> Busybox init is not so well tested and new and all that.

um, base-config will be run from full sysvinit, not busybox init.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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