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Re: Booting problem with AMD Athlon

Alain Birtz <abz@videotron.ca> writes:

> I recently bought Debian 2.1 and I tried to install it on my brand new
> PC.
> However I was not capable to make it to the installer.
> When I start from the CD-ROM, I see the boot: prompt, I hit return and
> then it starts loading stuff, like a normal boot does.  However, when
> it arrives at the line
> NCR53c406a: no available ports found
> it hangs there.
> The cursors waits at the beginning of the next line.

Generally, it is the *next* message (the one that doesn't appear)
which is the trouble-maker.

> Some people told me that, because of my Athlon processor, I should try
> boot floppies with potato.


> I made the floppies and was able to boot from the rescue floppy.  It
> asked me for the root disk and I put it in.
> It loads the the ramdisk, free some memory, then freezes.
> here is the log:
> VFS: Insert root floppy disk to be loaded into RAM disk and press
> RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
> VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
> Freeing unused kernel memory: 140k freed
> _ <hangs here>

Very strange!

> Here is the list of my hardware:
> AMD Athlon 550 Mgz
> 1 IDE hard-disk: 13 gig
> 128 meg of RAM
> Nothing SCSI
> FUJITSU motherboard (AMI BIOS )
> Sceptre Monitor 17 inch (VGA comptible)
> S3 Trio3D/2X cheap graphic card
> Ethernet card: StarTech
> Do you have any idea of what could be wrong?

Not offhand.  We will be uploading a new potato boot-floppies (2.2.5)
soon, which is 2.2.14 based.  Maybe that will fare better.  If not,
we'll file a bug against the kernel, that is, file a bug against

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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