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Bug#55818: Nothing listed in task selector on install


> None of the installs I have done have ever listed anything when I got to
> the step after the configuration of the base system where you are asked to
> select what type of install.  This is the point where I assume you should
> get choices like workstation, development, server, etc.

eh? what version of boot-floppies were you testing with? which step do you
mean? what's the output that you see, etc?

> The only reason I have not rated this as release critical is that it might

you assigned the bug as grave, so it is release critical.

> be an artifact of the peculiarities of my install.  In particular, I have
> modified apt's sources.list during install to add some paths, including
> ones to disk files on ntfs mounted partitions and cd-rom's (generated with
> apt-cdrom).  Both the disk and CD's are crude: they contain selected debs,
> and Packages files which don't match what's actually there.  However, I
> think all such problems would show up after the task selection phase.

err.... this is probably it, actually. please send me a copy of your

> I have noted similar reports from other people.

you *must* have the task packages listed in your dpkg available file for
tasksel to work. This is done most simply by running "deselect update"
(assuming that it's using apt as its "method"). This is taken care of if you
go through the default installs, after you complete dbootstrap and reboot
your system. If you've done something different, please let me know.

I am downgrading this bug to normal for now.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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