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Re: FWD: Install problem (bug?) Mylex vs. Woody

John T. Croteau <johnc@geekopolis.com> wrote:
> When I tell the Debian install script to format and mount the partition,
> it sees it as '/dev/rd/c0d02' (dropping the 'p') and thus can't format it
> because '/dev/rd/c0d02' is not a valid device file.  I said fine, and
> created a '/dev/rd/c0d02' device and it was able to format it.  However,
> it could not mount it.  After it mounts, a dialog box comes up immediately
> and informs me that "The root device has unexpectedly changed, from
> /dev/rd/c0d02 to /dev/rd/c0d0p2."

Hi John.  Thanks for your report.

Well, the good news is that this problem is (hopefully) already fixed in
boot-floppies 2.2.5.  The bad news is that 2.2.5 hasn't been released yet. 
Any day now, I guess.

If you know how, like life on the edge and just can't wait, you could try
compiling from the boot-floppies sources from cvs.debian.org.  Should you
choose to accept this mission ... I'll be very interested to hear whether
the Mylex devices are handled correctly.



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