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Re: Acronyms explained

On Jan 22, Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> So let's work on them.  r3 is one, CTTE should be the next, -policy
> then, boot-floppies is another, -cd another, QA as well.

Technical committee, perhaps?  It doesn't seem to be a common usage,
though (I haven't heard a word about the tech committee since the
usr/doc -> usr/share/doc debacle).

> This is even more true. When I recall the latest ITPs on -devel, I see,
> that there are some projects where a lot of maintainers want to invest
> time. With our current modell only one of them will do the work and
> has "the right" to upload the true debian packet. The other have to
> wait and see.

Intent To Package.

> LOL!  This is the funniest thing I've read all day!
> Thanks Joey!

Laughing Out Loud.

> MIA	Missing In Action (??)


> NMU	Non Maintainer Upload (Upgrade?)

Upload, not upgrade.  There are two types of NMUs: binary-only and
"normal".  Binary-only NMUs are normally done by porters fixing build
problems (correcting out-of-date dependencies on non-Intel platforms,
for example).

> OBPrivate

The "ob-" prefix is explained in the Jargon File.  Basically, it means
"my justification for posting to <list> is".

> LPB	Low Ping Bastard

Slang for someone who has a OC-3 circuit into their home ;-) Most web
designers are LPBs, as will be obvious if you ever visit almost any
web site (latest victim: http://www.olemiss.edu/).

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