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Re: Acronyms explained

On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 08:28:56PM -0800, Ross Boylan wrote:
> First, could someone tell me what NMU stands for?  I see it on bug reports
> and other debian places.

I was also confused by strange acronyms used in emails, so I started
collecting them and wait until I figure out what it means. I have
already made some progress, see below.

AFAIK	As Far As I Know

No. Martin (Joey) Schulze and James Troup are behind AFAIK.

[AOL message, delete at will]

BTS	Bug Tracking System

[A simple solution here is to start using BTS in more contexts,
but we should keep in mind how we're migrating.]


So let's work on them.  r3 is one, CTTE should be the next, -policy
then, boot-floppies is another, -cd another, QA as well.

FWIW  For What It's Worth

My opinion, FWIW:

IIRC	IF I Recall Correctly

Incorrect. First of all you cannot remove DES and have everything linked
against crypt() just "magically" start using MD5. crypt() has to be called
with a special salt (first three char's being "$1$" iirc) for it to use
the MD5 hash, otherwise it uses a 2 char salt with DES. IIRC, the hash
returned is longer also, and thus some programs (ones that errantly use
fixed buffer lengths for the hash) will break, badly if they unexpectdly
get an MD5 has instead of a DES one.

IMO	In My Opinion

IMHO	In My Humble Opinion

We should not let this anxiety (which IMO seems largely unfounded)
dishearten us.  That's not to say we should all be pollyana and
pretend the project is perfect.  Fear is a the enemy of rational
thought and cooperation.

IMNSHO	In My Not So Humble Opinion

* IMNSHO introducing the grant callback into the NLM protocol was one
* of the worst ideas Sun ever had. Except maybe for the idea of doing
* NFS file locking at all.


This is even more true. When I recall the latest ITPs on -devel, I see,
that there are some projects where a lot of maintainers want to invest
time. With our current modell only one of them will do the work and
has "the right" to upload the true debian packet. The other have to
wait and see.


LOL!  This is the funniest thing I've read all day!
Thanks Joey!

MIA	Missing In Action (??)

Unlikely, since the maintainer (and author) seems to be one of our MIA
NMU	Non Maintainer Upload (Upgrade?)

Second if there has to be a NMU, it is common practise to ask before
doing it. It seems as if doing NMUs is regarded as something bad.
This is not what normally happens in the OpenSource business: If there
is a flaw in a program everyone is free to change it and release his
code. The only difference is that we have a centralised server where
an official _working_ version is kept and the maintainer is
responsible for a working package.


OBPrivate: <--- I hope I don't have to explain what this means ;)

PAM	Pluggable Authentiction Module

> It's quite difficult ... how would you check that an application can
> be compiled with PAM support ?

PITA	Pain In The Ass

Before someone flames me for putting reputation before security (hi
Branden) let me say again that it would be a PITA to maintain the list and
it would put the maintenance of this list in the hands of one or two
people who would have completely arbitrary control over who is and is not
allowed to join the channel.

QA	Quality Assurance

LPB	Low Ping Bastard

I spent a little over a week playing around on with a 50ms connection
to most of the West Coast servers. While it amounted to little more
than a drive-by encounter comparing it to the time I've spent on
dial-up, it showed me something I never truly grasped up until this
point in time. I never comprehended how much of a difference being a
LPB (Low Ping Bastard) really has on the game.

Tapio Lehtonen
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