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Re: random comments and requests for information

Ross Boylan <RossBoylan@stanfordalumni.org> writes:

> It might be good to have a section of the installation manual which offers
> people an easy standard route to installation.  I think the fewer choices
> the better for someone who's just starting.  Just pick the single most
> likely path, e.g., stick in the CD  (or maybe make the boot floppies) that
> will cover the most people.

Yes, there should be a cheater/quickstart section of the manual.  We
need volunteers to work on this kinda stuff.  It's trickier than it
looks because some arches don't have boot-from-cd capability (some
m68k subarches IIRC).

> Cooper (?) in his book The Inmates are Running the Asylum reports that
> every extra choice and feature "costs" the typical user something.  He
> redesigned some tool (I think it some kind of web-site creator or graphics
> program), mainly by removing features and functionality.  He then had users
> compare it to the original.  They not only reported they like it better,
> but that it was *more* powerful.  His interpretation is that although the
> feature set shrunk, the useable feature set actually increased.

That's a good point and probably should be applied to the
documentation as well.  It'd be nice to see the documentation actually
get *smaller*, but have more troubleshooting and stuff like that.

It's hard to do in Debian because we have so many experts, so many of which complain bitterly when they lose their favorite feature.  

I believe I have been sensitive to this, however, actually removing
prompts from dbootstrap unless 'verbose' bootarg is set.  Also,
there's the 'quiet' bootarg which is even less verbose.

> Do you mean run script, then run apt, like
> script
> apt-get .....


> or is it
> script apt-get ....?

No, I don't think so.

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