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Bug#55404: driver information during install

Package: boot-floppies
Version : 2.2.4 (potato i386); Install doc 2.2.1
Severity: Wishlist

I am almost tempted to leave this at normal severity, because I think it is
VERY important in how smoothly the installation goes for people.

First, there is very little information about what the different drivers
are.  Almost everyone I installed said "no documentation avaiilable" just
before it asked me for options.

Second, since I just hit enter at the options, the overall effect was to
change a one step process (select driver) into a 3-4 step one (select
driver, go past screen saying no info is available, go past options screen,
scroll back down to where you were in the driver list).  This is very

The documentation can and probably should go in a variety of places,
including the installation manual and the online help.

A couple of specific things I wondered:
Do I need pppd if I install ppp?   (More generally, are there
interdependencies among drivers)
Were some drivers simply alternate means of providing a service which was
already in the kernel (as I recall from some older notes)?

Global orienting info, such as "most drivers are not necessary to get you
started, and you should avoid them unless you specifically need them."  and
"you can always add a driver later by ..."  running modconf?? would also be

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