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Some comments for a smarter installation

			Hallo !

I recently found some old notes of me which I wrote down
during my slink installation. I posted then to the german debian-user
lists and someone asked my to send them to this two lists, too.

1. Prepared profiles:
A nice think but the realization isn't perfect. I choosed the
scientific workstation. This yields in a lot of programs for the
same purpose. One example: I had now emacs19, emacs20 and xemacs20.
This is at least one *macs to much. Why not add some additional 
questions, in which somebody could choose his favorite programs?
A completly manual installation via dselect isn't useable for
a newbie.

2. During the installtion process a had to answer a lot of boring
questions in unregular intervals. Why not collect all these questions
and ask them at once.

3. sources.list
It would be nice if a sample file for this exists. Perhaps with
the following structure:
# stable binaries and sources (master and a few important mirrors)
# security updates
A wishlist bug against apt is under way.

4. During the installation process a kernel will be compiled. This kernel
includes some modules. If you later compile your own kernel without any
modules then you get you get warnings during the boot process.
What can you do against this? A better documentation in kernel-package?

Please reply per email to me, too beacuse I don't read this lists.

Ciao , Frank .

      A transistor protected by a fast-acting fuse will protect the fuse by
      blowing first.

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