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Re: Some comments for a smarter installation

BTW, removing -devel from the reply.

On Thu, Jan 13, 2000 at 06:10:58PM +0100, Frank Knappe wrote:
> 			Hallo !
> I recently found some old notes of me which I wrote down
> during my slink installation. I posted then to the german debian-user
> lists and someone asked my to send them to this two lists, too.
> 1. Prepared profiles:
> A nice think but the realization isn't perfect. I choosed the
> scientific workstation. This yields in a lot of programs for the
> same purpose. One example: I had now emacs19, emacs20 and xemacs20.
> This is at least one *macs to much. Why not add some additional 
> questions, in which somebody could choose his favorite programs?
> A completly manual installation via dselect isn't useable for
> a newbie.
I believe profiles are being revamped for the next release. Someone
in the know should be able to tell you more.

> 2. During the installtion process a had to answer a lot of boring
> questions in unregular intervals. Why not collect all these questions
> and ask them at once.
This is an ongoing work. debconf is making inroads on this front. It
won't be fully implemented by the upcoming release, but already makes
upgrades much easier.

If you are interested in helping out, you should try the install for the
upcoming release. I understand it is much improved (if my new hd ever
arrives, I'll be able to try it myself).

James (Jay) Treacy

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