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Re: DAC install fail on bootdisks

Mark van Walraven wrote:

> > Then started the debian install, cfdisk attempts to make those
> > illegal partitions.
> Oh dear.  Which version of cfdisk?

I'm not at the box now, but bootdisks are 2.2.4, the latest..

It's bloody odd, when I go to 'Partition Disk' in install and cfdisk
is started it detects that there are allready two partitions but
identifies them with wrong names, c0d01 and c0d02

If I now open another console and start fdisk and have a look at
partition table the names are ok, c0d0p1 and c0d0p2
> If no-one else has, I'll take look at this tonight.

Much appreciated..
How does one bow towards down-under :)


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