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Re: DAC install fail on bootdisks

On Wed, Jan 05, 2000 at 07:20:57PM +0200, Lauri Tischler wrote:
> I made a rescue disk with dac960, booted the box dac-raid was detected
> correctly as rd/c0d0, no partitions yet.


> Then started the debian install, cfdisk attempts to make those
> illegal partitions.

Oh dear.  Which version of cfdisk?

> So I made partitions manually with fdisk, rd/c0d0p1 and rd/c0d0p2
> rebooted the box with rescuedisk, dac-raid _and_ new partitions
> were detected correctly.


> Still the install attempts to mount partitions rd/c0d01 and c0d02
> devices in /dev/rd are OK.

Hmmm.  Sounds like something is trying to infer partition names by
appending to the drive name, rather than looking it them up in the
list of partition structs hung off the disk struct.

If no-one else has, I'll take look at this tonight.


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