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Re: overhauling modconf

Erik Andersen <andersen@xmission.com> writes:

> On Wed Jan 05, 2000 at 11:16:52AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > 
> > I really think it would be better *not* to completely gut the modconf
> > interface -- it has consistency with dbootstrap, and debconf-tiny is
> > still in question (since perl-5.005-base still doesn't exist).
> Check out incoming on master.  It is there now.  Perhaps we need to 
> encourage somebody to make this hit the mirrors:

Ok -- I hope that works.

> I am greatly in favor of the debconf-tiny solution. It really is the
> Right Thing(tm) to do IMHO.

But remember -- debconf-tiny has been added to base only.  Your asking
to add it to root!  I guess this is possible, but I still feel edgy
that writing a new program from scratch is going to be faster than
fixing a broken one.

> > We have about 8 days to get modconf into usable shape.  AFAIK, the
> > only way this is possible is if someone works on it *now* and we don't
> > gut it (we don't have time for the lengthy bugfixing cycle that new
> > software has).  Maybe I'm wrong but that's my feeling.
> Consider my free time until the freeze now dedicated to boot-floppies.
> If you want me to do something, just ask and give me some requirements.

See the top level todo and the BTS and this list and hack away.

We have to use the CVS area and active involvement to get stuff taken
care of.

Perhaps you could look at the sizing problems in dbootstrap/language
chooser that Mssr Schultz has mentioned.

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