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Re: diskless-image-*

Brian May wrote:
> In this case, it may not help my diskless package, as the problem is
> that there are the steps that occur before the initial reboot (which
> never occurs for diskless-images, as no boot disk is involved).
> For instance, my package currently has in its postinst routine
> (not tested yet, so I don't know if it works properly or not):
> (side note: debconf-tiny doesn't seem to be in my base2_2.tgz I just
> downloaded from my local mirror :-(. What version do I need for this?
> Will it be in when potato is released?)

It got pulled at the last minute -- should be put back in, since Darren just
uploaded a fixed perl.

In general, I agree, any steps that can be postponed until the reboot should
be. I never really understood why we have to configure the timezone inside

see shy jo

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