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Re: diskles-image-*

Hi, just got back from vacation.

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Ideally, base packages themselves should all support debconf.
> However, that is not yet so.  I am conflicted whether we should try to
> take at least the postinstallation tasks and debconf-tiny'ify them,
> and try to either:
>   (a) get the upstream base pkg maintainers to add the scripts
>       (probably not possible)

It's worth dropping a patch their way.

>   (b) make a new little package, base-config which has all this stuff,
> then you cuold do 'dpkg-reconfigure base-config' or some such


>   (c) just have the scripts be part of the boot-floppies themselves

This is less than ideal because you cannot reconfigure, etc.

I'd like to step forward and do some work on this. I understand that
Randolph has finally gotten debconf-tiny into the base tarball, so this is
practical now. I'd limit myself to the set of questions that it asks on the
initial reboot before entering task selection.

see shy jo

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