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Re: 2.2.4 freeze

On Sun Jan 02, 2000 at 03:38:12AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Ok, I'm freezing 2.2.4.  I had to remove debconf-tiny for now, but
> that will go right back in for 2.2.5, I hope.
> Please do not commit any changes which are new features -- only bug
> fixes and porting, please.
> If someone could scrub the BTS for any additional bugs which will be
> closed by 2.2.4 which are not currently in the changelog, and could
> add those, I would be grateful.
> 2.2.4, if it passes my little tests, will be uploaded late tomorrow.

I called up Darren Stalder (torin) the perl maintainer, and he committed
to make a new perl release tonight, which will fix Bug #53428, which
will allow boot-floppies to build (right now, they don't).

When we get the new perl release, then we should be good to go,


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