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Re: trimmed down rescue/root/driver disk sets

"Craig H. Block" <chblock@flashcom.net> writes:

> I would like to have the option to skip installation of the module
> library and bypass the dependency on drivers.tgz

Doesn't sound too crazy. Please file a bug with severity wishlist for

> Another issue comes to mind for those doing installs from CD.  It could
> be tricky to incorporate some kind of kernel option when installing from
> this medium.  It's pretty easy to customize a Debian boot floppy from
> any old kernel image and making serveral 1.44 boot images available
> could be easily done as well.  However, most people install from CD's
> purchased through one of the various providers.  They expect to pop the
> CD in and go.  Unless some kind of kernel selection capability is built
> in, they're pretty much stuck with whatever is in the boot image of the
> CD.

Yeah, lilo sucks and hopfully grub will be better; but we have 3
binary CDs for main, therefore 3 kernel flavors for i386 are pretty
easy to do.

> I seem to remember some discussion about using initrd to configure
> modules prior to kernel initialization.  That seems to me the best way
> to go.

Yeah yeah yeah -- but it's not going to happen for potato.

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