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trimmed down rescue/root/driver disk sets

Hi all,

I am working on trimmed down rescue/root/driver disk sets. With Adam's leave
I am investigating the effects of using custom kernels instead of the stock
kernel packages we have in the archive. On i386 at least, this can result in
quite significant space savings.

On i386, preliminary tests show that I can create a root/rescue/driver set
with support for common setups (ide, scsi, pci/isa net cards, pcmcia, but no
raid) in 3 disks (1 root + 1 rescue + 1 driver) instead of the current 5.
It'd be really nice if the root and rescue image can fit on the same floppy,
but i don't know if that'll possible. The kernel image I have now is about
940k. :(

A question for you all: what is the minimum set of options that need to be
built into the kernel? How much of it can be built into modules and still
allow for easy installs? In my experiments, I am building in some common pci
net cards (again, for i386) -- tulip, via-rhine, eepro, vortex, etc. I think
this will work well for people who plan to use Marcel's net-install code.
can we do anything with scsi support? can that all be modularized without
sacrificing ease of install?

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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