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Re: trimmed down rescue/root/driver disk sets

Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> writes:

> The problem as I see it is this -- the bulk of the current kernel is SCSI
> stuff. We can have non-scsi vs scsi boot floppies, but that doesn't seem to
> make too much sense, because the scsi floppies would need to have some
> support for ide probably anyway (for atapi devices and such). If we do not
> manage to compile rescue and root onto one floppy, there's really not much
> reason to have multiple set of boot floppies, as it just creates more
> maintainability problems.

Assuming you had a non-SCSI i386 flavor, wouldn't you have a lot of
space to play with in the kernel.

> Um, just to clarify -- I've managed to trim down the number of driver disks
> by eliminating esoteric/unneeded drivers from the kernel, not by compiling
> more things in. There's no reason to have things like sound, radio net
> cards, v4linux, etc stuff in our kernel.

Yes yes yes!  Do you have kernels available we can build
boot-flopppies/i386 with for 2.2.4?

BTW, the base disks seem to have gone down to 9 disks.

> I thought you can do this already?

Yes, it's called "flavors", just like tecra use to be a flavor.  Sparc
has 32-bit and 64-bit flavors for instance.  We need to use this

> I am still experimenting with this new setup. unfortunately, because
> perl-5.005-base is still broken, i haven't been able to build test images
> yet. If you want to try building bf using the new kernels, grab the debs in
> http://master.debian.org/~tausq/boot/ (kernel-image and pcmcia-modules) and
> put them in your local_dir (/archive/debian/local by default iirc) and those
> will be used in place of the stock kernels. you should end up with only 1
> driver disk. The kernel build config is in that directory as well. This is a
> stock 2.2.13 kernel with the ide patch applied, and support for hpt366
> devices turned on.

I'll check it out.  It shouldn't replace the stock kernel, but rather
be an additional kernel flavor.

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