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Re: /proc, autodetection and a new PATCH

On Dec 29, Mark van Walraven wrote:
> Problem:  No guarantee that devices really are named the same in /dev.
> Solution: Ignore device if /dev/<whatever> doesn't exist and have the
> 	  same major and minor device numbers.

Or, you could mknod the device if it's needed.  The major and minor
are there, after all.

> Problem:  Nothing to indicate whether a line in /proc/partitions is a
> 	  drive or a partition.
> Solution: Know about the device names for each device driver (yuck) or
> 	  about the device numbers for each device driver (slightly less
> 	  yuck).
> I'm not happy about the second solution - it would be best to not have to
> know any more about devices than what the kernel tells us.  Ideas, anyone?

This sounds like a design problem with /proc/partitions.  Maybe it
should be migrated to:


e.g. building a hiearchy like under /proc/ide

Something for the 2.5 kernel wishlist, maybe? ;-)

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