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Re: Autodetection of CD-ROM devices

On Dec 22, Randolph Chung wrote:
> In reference to a message from Chris Lawrence, dated Dec 22:
> > I checked in a new choose_medium.c in dbootstrap last night (didn't we
> [..]
> > Anyway, please test it.  You may need to rebuild the .po files in that
> It's working great. good job!

Great!  It's my first hack on boot-floppies (except a couple of
documentation things).

> while on the topic of choose_medium, it looks like if you are building the
> test system, it tries to mount the cdrom in /dev/instmnt ?!? (it mounts it
> in instmnt, and it does a chdir to /dev at some point to do the symlink from
> the cdrom device to /dev/cdrom)

Yes, the #defines at the top of the file seem to be set up this way.
I took the liberty of making it use "/instmnt" when testing now.

I also added an extra option to the multiple CDs detected menu so you
can use the "old" menu if it fails to detect the CD-ROM drive you want
to use for some reason.

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