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Re: Autodetection of CD-ROM devices

I checked in a new choose_medium.c in dbootstrap last night (didn't we
used to get CVS checkin messages on this list?).  It implements the
autodetection and provides a menu if it detects more than one CD-ROM
drive.  I may make a few more tweaks, but the basics are there.  At
the moment, it won't let you select a proprietary CD-ROM if it detects
a IDE or SCSI unit, which may not be "right".

Anyway, please test it.  You may need to rebuild the .po files in that
directory for it to compile, since I had to add a couple of additional
boxes with text.  I also added a second SCSI CD-ROM choice to the
"old" menu, to accomodate people who may have a CD-R/RW and a normal
CD/DVD-ROM on the SCSI bus.  (Just do make choose_medium_test)

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