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Re: Base shrinkage proposal

>ohoh, don't make this mistake. it is a MUST to have good support floppy
>installations. it's a major point. if this doesn't run fine all is a bit
>fsck't. there are many systems which can't install/boot from cdrom so
>they have to stick to floppies, that's why such a statement from you is
>quite dangerous ...

I wouldn't say "dangerous".

Look, you're missing my point.  I'm not saying drop pure floppy
installation.  I'm must saying that delaying potato release for the
sole reasons of trying to get base installation down from 10 floppies,
say, 6 or 7 (as in slink) is not a very good idea.  So what, they have
to make 3 or 4 more floppies for base.  Who cares?

I'd rather focus on the smoothness of installation in general. 

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