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Re: Base shrinkage proposal

What you are proposing is basically to install partial packages --
only the bits of packages we think we need.

I understand your desire to do this, but I personally think that
floppy installation is pretty much obsoletely anyway, and we should
focus our efforts on making network and CDROM installation easier to

Assuming the floppy base installation is quite deprecated, who is it
who is forced to use floppy base installation?  AFAIK, only people who
are PCMCIA laptops who can't use CDROMs.  Seems like a pretty small
sector -- our efforts would be better set towards having an
alternative boot-floppies flavor that put the PCMCIA stuff on the root

The operative fact here is that once we start messing with base in
terms of pulling out stuff, it will really take quite a while of
testing to see what bugs and problems that may be introducing.  I
don't think it can be done prior to Jan 15th, the freeze date.

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