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[Sven Rudolph <sr1@loom.sax.de>] Re: Booting on an Intel SC450NX 4-way (4x Xeon)

Hey, can you respond to this issue?  Please CC debian-boot@lists.debian.org.

I remember before we were talking about a better lilo configurator.
Any plans/progress?

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Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> Sven Rudolph <sr1@loom.sax.de> writes:
> > In addition you might need a lilo compiled with the LARGE_EBDA option.
> Hmm!  Sven, is it worthwhile perhaps to file a bug against LILO that
> this be the default?  What would it break?

IMHO this is up to the lilo upstream author.

/usr/doc/lilo/Manual.txt.gz says:
   LARGE_EDBA   Loads LILO at a lower address in order to leave more space 
    for the EBDA (Extended BIOS Data Area). This is necessary on some 
    recent MP systems. Note that enabling  LARGE_EDBA  reduces the maximum 
    size of "small" images (e.g. "Image" or "zImage").

I guess this drawback is nowadays irrelevant. However I don´t know why
the upstream author didn´t choose this option by default.

In addition it might be a better idea to make this a run-time instead
of a compile-time option.

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