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i18n boot-floppies (was Re: restart after the base install)

Michael Sobolev <mss@transas.com> writes:

> The current version of dbootstrap loads /etc/messages.trm.  And it's
> this file that provide all messages.  LANG variable (nor
> LC_MESSAGES) is not used as there is no function that could be used:
> gettext calls are just replaced with references into an array with
> translated strings!

> So, to make the boot floppies use localized messages, it's necessary to put a
> localized version of /etc/messages.trm.

Yes -- now this assumes that we have one root disk for each language,

Your system was supposed to get rid of that, but I'm not sure it's
practical yet, since I haven't seen the root.bin size impact yet.
Remember that on architectures w/o library reduction, every byte is

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