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Re: restart after the base install

Risko Gergely <risko@njszki.hu> writes:
> The system after I select Restarting system from the dbootstrap wouldn't
> restart. It only umounted the filesystems, and written out stand by while
> restarting the system. It's a busybox problem?

Which version of boot-floppies?  I just tried this out of CVS and it
worked fine.

> Michael: my new_root_home/.bash_profile patch is uncorrect. It's put the
> LANG=<lang> line twice if you type make release twice. :)) So it's not as
> good as it can. I only write it for idea, because the localization of
> basedisks doesn't work.

Michael's working out a more complete system which will select charset
as well.  I've earmarked your patch in case Michael isn't able to pull
that stuff together soon enough.

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