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Re: manual selection of devices

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:
> > We could safely move it near top of the list, maybe just after the
> > keyboard selection step.  It is already there for diskless install,
> > btw.  Network configuration is kept in the ramdisk (under
> > /tmp/notarget) until a root partition is mounted.  It is then copied
> > on.  Therefore it is safe to configure the network at anytime.
> The problem is that while trying to configure the network before
> loading modules make a lot of sense for non-i386, it makes almost no
> sense for i386.  For i386, configure network should be right after
> "install kernel and modules".

Oops, forgot that :(

> What I think we should do is:
>   at the install kernel and modules step, offer alternate of configure
>      network

We already have 2 alternate steps here:
  Initialize a Linux Partition
  Mount a Previously-Initialized Partition

So do we replace one of them with "configure the network" or do we need to
support a third alternate entry?

>   after kernel/modules step, if network not already configured,
>     configure network.

Something like that:
Install the kernel and modules
Configure device driver modules    <--- entries moved up
Configure the network              <---
Install the base system
Configure the base system

> Sound good?  Any volunteers?

Could be, but not before next week.

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