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Re: 2.2 kernel "flavors" needed for i386 -- any list?

Adam Di Carlo scripsit:
|Herbert has made a kernel-image available with the IDE patch:
|Tecra isn't needed.
|Any other idea on what other "flavors" of 2.2.x i386 kernels we'll
|need for potato?

Might be irrelevant nowadays but no rescue disk (i.e. none of the
standard -safe and -tecra) manage to boot on Dell 4xx/L and Dell 4xx/S
i486 models.  If you install on any other box and then stick the disk
in it works.  The boot process kills the screen after Loading
linux... but it continues with no video output.  I suspect some weird
video problem.

Works fine with rescue disk from 1.3 though so that is another mystery
to me.


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