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Experience from CVS dated 1999-12-05


I managed to compile boot-floppies, and put it (with some sample packages)
on a CD.
My machine (motherboard ABIT BP6) has 4 IDE ports (2 normals and 2 more,
for supporting Ultra-ATA66 disks).
With a configuration where just one disk on IDE3 or IDE4 (last two ports
which support Ultra-ATA66), and a CD reader on IDE1 or IDE2, doesn't work.
The hard disk is not detected by Linux (used kernel-image-2.2.13-2.deb).
The second problem with this, is that the install procedure doesn't
complain about not finding any disk. It continues with network preferences
after printing some errors on the screen (should be put on another tty
to be readable :-).


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