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Re: Experience from CVS dated 1999-12-05

Luc Stepniewski wrote:
> Hello,
> I managed to compile boot-floppies, and put it (with some sample packages)
> on a CD.
> My machine (motherboard ABIT BP6) has 4 IDE ports (2 normals and 2 more,
> for supporting Ultra-ATA66 disks).
> With a configuration where just one disk on IDE3 or IDE4 (last two ports
> which support Ultra-ATA66), and a CD reader on IDE1 or IDE2, doesn't work.

> The hard disk is not detected by Linux (used kernel-image-2.2.13-2.deb).
To recognise the hpt366 controller that your motherboard the kernel has
to be patched with the ide patch from /people/hedrick on your local
kernel archive.
As far as i know this patch wont be on the standard kernel image, but i
dont see why multiple images cant be provided to jsut allow you to use a
different rescue.bin, there traditionally has been multiple rescue
images (eg tecra) but i dont know what theyve been patched with.

> The second problem with this, is that the install procedure doesn't
> complain about not finding any disk. It continues with network preferences
> after printing some errors on the screen (should be put on another tty
> to be readable :-).
The has been mention on making the install allow the user to manually
specify the install device, i looked at this yesterday, i might be able
to do this by getting dbootstrap to call read_directory from tzconfig.c 
from select_no_mounted.c.

> Luc
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Glenn McGrath

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