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Re: image file names (was Re: boot-floppies tasks)

Only one thing bugs me -- we were saying:


However, 'alt' is just an alternative kernel/drivers set, so it should
be *under* subarch.  Consider -- for powerpc/mac, you might have a
alternative 'ibook' kernel/drivers set.  It seems to me that an
*alternative* kernel is going to be bounded by a subarchitecture.  In
our example, you wouldn't want 'disks-powerpc/ibook/prep' for

See the new top-level README-Users I just checked in.  This uses m4 --
to see how it would appear for a given architecture, do 'make
release/README' and look at that.  In that file, I try to describe the
layout to new users -- I didn't even add the 'alt' stuff yet though --
that's a little complex.

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