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On Mon Nov 22, 1999 at 03:26:45PM +0100, Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:
> > > > Note also that the reboot is not really needed, as you can do all the rest
> > > > of the installation by restarting the new init from chroot in the target
> > > > root.
> > > 
> > > that's interesting, i think i'll try that myself next time.
> If you are interested I have a patch for the old slink busybox. As it is only
> a few lines of code it should be easily portable to the new busybox.

What does your patch do? chroot? busybox now has a chroot
implementation. Or do you mean you already have a patch for dbootstrap
to do a reboot-less install by umounting all filesystems, chroot-ing
into the install target, and running init?


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