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Re: dbootstrap: system and err msgs

> You are under a complete misapprehension.  I am not talking about
> hacking the commands themselves to do evil things.  I am just talking
> about, for commands run (via system) *within* dbootstrap, having a
> wrapper function such that when we *do* 'system' subcommands, that the
> stdout or even stderr doesn't scribble all over the dbootstrap
> screens.
> This would in no manner affect the std operation of the busybox etc
> commands themselves.  This is completely an issue internal to
> dbootstrap.
> Does that clarify matters?

Yes, this sounds reasonable.

> >> We'll still need a generic function that runs system, redirecting
> >> stderr to syslog...
> > I don't understand why complicate things when there is an easier an
> > standard way to do the same.
> No, dude.  Hacking every command to use a REDIRECT_STDERR env var is
> *much* more complex then simply having a little function which does
> the proper conditioning of stderr prior to system'ing the command in
> question.

True. I misunderstood your proposal.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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