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Thoughts on the state of the boot-floppies

I ran soma basic tests on the boot floppies this evening, 
and here are some thoughts on what I saw:

* booting rescue disk as "rescue" causes a kernel panic 

* mount reports /dev/root for the root device since /etc/fstab
    doesn't have an entry for the root device (/dev/ram1 for example).

* There should probably be an /etc/nsswitch.conf file in /etc.

* /lib/libm.so.6 is 111k.  I didn't check who was using it,
    but if it is just one app it should be staticly linked.
    If several apps are using it, it should be passed through 
    the library shrinking pass.

* ash should have command editing via arrow keys.  I have a patch
    to do this.  adds < .5k

* It would be really nice if ash command history were turned on.

* We include both cfdisk (50k) and fdisk (85k).  Why not pick just one,
    or use sfdisk (included in busybox -- costs 34k).

* vi invokes lazybox feeding the nonexistent /etc/ae/ae2vi.rc
    which hoses the shell

* lazybox grep is obsolete -> use busybox.

* lazybox mformat is a nop


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                   email:  andersee@debian.org
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